Inipi Sweatlodge Ceremony

Inipi or Temazcal

Is a ceremony to purify our bodies and minds, it’s origins come from the Sacred Rituals of the Indigenous Native Americans.

Inipi comes from the word lakota “iniunkajaktelo” which means, “let’s pray to the sweat lodge.”
In Mesoamérica it is known as Temazcal, its name comes from the language Náhuatl, where “temaz” means steam and “calli, house” which would be translated to, “steam house”.

This is a powerful ceremony of purification, healing and prayer.
We pray with the presence of fire, water, earth and wind, the Inipi is made of branches which bend nicely to form a structure as a dome, inside of this there is a whole where the stones (grandmothers) will be placed after been heated on the fire (grandpa) outside the Inipi.
When the stones are brought in, herbs are placed on top of them in a sacred way as well as the water which then produces steam making the body sweat.

There are four “doors” or segments to the ceremony, meaning that the door is opened four times to allow new stones and more water to be brought in.

The lodge represents all of creation and the womb of our Mother Earth.

The Inipi or Temazcal is a powerful therapy for the treatment of several illnesses and diseases. It provides benefits and improvements to the lymphatic and circulatory system, it also cleans and purifies the bodies, respiratory system and nervous system.

We are thankful for the Indigenous Ancestral Culture for this legacy that we will try to keep preserved and not forgotten. AHO!