The idea of keeping play alive in the hearts of adults and children is very important today. So quickly we loose the idea and want to play, laugh and have fun. For some reason people have decided it’s silly or only for the very young. We disagree! We believe playing is very important to our health both in our bodies and our minds. We can use many modalities to find the play that works for us and returns us to our child heart.

Whether it’s through simple play like playing in the pool, swinging on the swings or moving though our adult jungle gym or more advanced play, like ecstatic dance, art work shops, movement practices, martial arts, or sacred ceremonies, we believe we have something for everyone to find there play.

Also offering space for birthday parties of all ages and kids camps too, we will curate a special day or retreat for you and your group to come back to the child heart, let go as you dive into the play that feels right for you.