Private Ceremony Testimonials

We didn’t come to Costa Rica to do ancient ceremony but have in the first place been feeling the calling for a while. When we got here we spoke to a few facilitators, but only until we spoke to Mike we felt this was the one for us. He was straight away so insightful and accommodating, it felt right straight away, and we now know it was meant to be.

The space itself is truly a paradise, created with so much love and care – from the natural pool to greenhouse, swings, playground, organic toilets, happy dogs, natural materials and so many plants, you can really feel the special energy. The home cooked vegan meals were the best we had during our stay in Costa Rica.

We were both quite nervous about the experience, but everyone made us feel so welcome, and were so reassuring, they quickly put us at ease. The one-to-ones with the shaman really helped our two, personally-individual journeys, and helped us set out intentions.

The team is so experienced and knowledgeable – it was impossible not to feel safe during the ceremony. It was truly a special night which ended with looking up at the starts in its true magic.

The next day everyone continued to made us feel like a family and connected with us on a deeper level. They took the time to take us to the beach to watch the sunset and took us out for a meal and live music.

We have so much love and gratitude for Mike, Karol, Roberto, Patty and Sophie at The Sacred Playground. We said hello to strangers and said goodbye to lifelong friends. We will forever cherish the beginnings of our spiritual journeys, and will continue to return back to Nosara to journey again with our new family. If ancient ceremony is calling for you The Sacred Playground is definitely the place.

Tom & Lucy

A very powerful place, surrounded by mountains and a beautiful Costa Rican Nature. You can actually feel its energy as soon as you enter the sacred playground. It’s the place where you leave all your stories, to-do lists, attachments and whatever baggage you have, behind the gates and enter the space where you can reconnect with your Body, Heart and Soul. The mind becomes clear and quiet.

The sacred playground is a special place in a sense because here you feel safe to delve deep into healing and accepting the darkest parts of yourself, as well as just getting in touch with your inner child while swinging in the swings, getting into the pool and hanging out with Mother Nature. This is the space that can hold you, no matter what you bring there.

Deep gratitude to my guide for holding a safe space for me to do the work, no matter how messy or scary. It was transformational. I guess, maybe a guide isn’t an accurate word here, since guides usually lead you to a specific point on a map. During the sacred ceremony my facilitator was more like a space that held both darkness and light, which challenged me to delve deep into my Soul and rise up with a path of my own. The sound healing is a topic of its own – ask for it when you are at the playground, your Body and Soul will thank you:) The musical instruments combined with the sounds of birds, wind, rain and trees – all merge into a divine symphony.

Please keep in mind that your experience might be different, since we all are on our own journey. What’s beautiful is the sacred playground can meet you right where you are. Heal, play, create, cry or laugh – you are welcome to be truly You. The sacred playground leaves you inspired, empowered and reconnected with yourself on a deeper level. It’s highly likely in that place you will cry some healing tears; you will shed some layers of false beliefs and be able to connect and hear your true Self more clearly.

Deepest gratitude to all the beautiful people that give so much Love to this place and make it truly special. It was a joy and a privilege to be held at the sacred playground. What a journey 🙂 until next time!



I first met my facilitator a couple years ago, when The Sacred Playground was a dream waiting to be manifest. It wasn’t long until I realized the magnitude of resonance I felt when I heard him talking about creating a space for deep healing. His warmth, passion, and respect for the medicine and the process instantly made me feel called to work with my facilitator as a part of my personal healing.


It would take two years until I would manifest my journey with my facilitator. During that time, we spoke several times. One of the things that struck me was his dedication to the ENTIRE process. There was never any illusion that I would have ceremony and be “cured” of the things that hold me back. Instead, we had deep conversations about the process, my intentions, the medicine, and the integration. I left each of the conversations we had feeling empowered to create the change I wished to see in my life.


By the time I arrived in Nosara for my journey, I felt safe and secure to venture deeper into my subconscious as my facilitator held space for me. The grounds of the Sacred Playground radiate positive energy. The work that my facilitator and his crew put into the space is seen and felt. I took a dip in the natural pool and snacked on tomatoes from the garden. At sunset, ceremony began, I was beautifully held by the magnificent sounds of the instruments that my facilitator played throughout the 4-5 hour experience. The music provided a nurturing coaxing into overlooked parts of me that the medicine helped me to bring into my awareness.


Toward the end of my journey, I sat under the brilliant stars at the Sacred Playground and was filled with bursting gratitude for the magical space I was so blessed to experience and for the guidance of someone for whom I hold the highest regard. The following day and a few days later, my facilitator gave me the time to talk about what I had experienced and how I was being called to integrate it. It has been just over a week since my journey and I am still integrating. What has come up for me is an increasing release of fear and a clearer understanding of my ability to allow infinite creative energy to flow to me and through me.



Before I tell you about my facilitator I need to explain how I, a 70 year old, recently retired after 40 years, board-certified emergency physician would want at this stage in life to experience an entheogen [the term for all psychedelics].

I had been reading about these amazing medicines for many years and developed curiosity about them. I had experience with numerous patients who had severe addiction disease, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or sadly, a combination of these. Many people had failed treatment with typical pharmaceuticals or talk therapy. After learning how entheogens could successfully treat these and other psychiatric illnesses, I was very frustrated that the FDA had kept all of them at a Schedule I level, drugs that are not considered to have any therapeutic value.

As for me I wanted to go to Costa Rica, one of the few countries were they were legal for my own personal spiritual development. I knew of a retreat B & B because my wife and I had met the owners of the spa from staying at their B & B in our area 10 years ago before they moved there.

This was to be my first experience with any entheogen. I knew that medically psilocybin was the only choice for me due to no known adverse interactions with the drug I was taking for preventing atrial fibrillation, a cardiac arrhythmia. I communicated with the owner who was having a retreat at the B & B using an entheogen which would be contraindicated for me. I asked who he felt would be the most experienced psilocybin counselor for me. Without hesitation the owner knew, trusted and highly recommended my facilitator who had years of experience administering psilocybin. He had known him personally for a very long time and was enthusiastic about his work with their clients.

I was fearful of doing this at all because of no prior experience. I had feelings of immediate trust and empathy when I met my facilitator. He came 2 days beforehand and went over every question I had. I also had a chance to get to know him on a personal level because he spent the next 24 hours making himself available for any of my concerns. Because of my sense of trust in him, I was able to discuss my life history including some childhood traumas and specific concerns without any hesitation.

The actual experience of taking psilocybin was quite amazing on a spiritual and emotional level, but he was there next to me for about 5-6 hours offering anything I needed to be comfortable including words of encouragement and offers of basics, eg. water, bathroom, etc. I I felt completely safe in his hands. After the most vivid of the experience began to settle in and was subsiding, I had a chance to begin integrating it into my consciousness and spiritual life which was extremely important to make this a real and life-changing event instead of rationalizing that my experiences was just due to the drug effects. He stayed the next day to continue to help me through this. I was impressed with his knowledge because he was following the guidelines of therapeutic counseling for people who were taking enthogens established by James Fadiman, PhD,  who was one of the original researchers in the 1960’s.

I can’t imagine doing this without my facilitator. The experience has had a wonderfully profound effect on my life and personality, no small part due to his expertise.  I felt him to have knowledge, integrity, and heart-felt interest in me. I would not hesitate to work with him again.


I have been working with my facilitator using the sacrament of the sacred fungi.  This sacrament provides an introspective looking glass into the Self.  This enhanced vision sets the scene for psycho-spiritual exploration, healing, and self improvement. Deep within the Self is the core energy, the breath of life, the soul.  The soul is unique in that it offers direction and guidance in healing as well as a connection to the outside spiritual world.

My facilitator helps guide this work by setting up a set and setting that is conducive to reaching certain goals.  The set corresponds to the mindset going into the experience.  My facilitator works with the subject to help achieve a mindset that is ready to respectfully and passively make contact with whatever content is destine to arise from the unconscious.  He also sets up a comfortable physical setting with appropriate alter-like items that set the scene for a spiritual experience.

A typical ceremony starts with my facilitator burning sage and smudging the subject with its smoke.  This is a shaman tradition used to cleanse the energy environment before the experience.  Next the subject would write their intent on a piece of paper, state the intent out loud, and then burn the piece of paper.  Following that, they read out loud a prayer about the sacred fungi spirit by my facilitator.  Next they ingest my appropriated dose of Sacred medicine with some cacao spread that provides synergistic enhancement.  Then on the mattress the subject would do about ten minutes of the Wim Hof Method style breath work.  It typically takes a good forty minutes to an hour for the Sacred medicine to start to take effect.  While on my mattress waiting, the subject would repeat their intent many times and also make shamanic overtures to their guiding spirits.  This approach prepares one for the journey and helps to launch the journey into the direction of the intent.

In my case, I have gone through three ceremonies by now and expect to go through more.  My intent has focused on transcending ego and the human boundaries so as to explore my inner Self and to allow my soul to merge with the One.  All three of the experiences proved successful.  In all cases an immense amount of content surfaced.  In some cases, the content was personal and served to guide me in my life decisions and to help guide my attitude and direction going forward.   In other cases the content showed me aspects of the universe that go beyond ordinary space and time. There is an eternal spiritual world that opens up, which is normally invisible, behind the veil, across the great divide.  Such direct experience with the spirit world is very helpful in coming to terms with Self and our position in this life.

At certain times during and after the ceremony, my facilitator would ask a few questions to help connect what I was experiencing with my ego consciousness.  He took notes and helped me this way to remember certain details of the content.  After the ceremony and the next day, conversations with my facilitator helped me to integrate the material that came up during the ceremony.  My facilitator recommends the person write up a report of the experience, and this is very helpful to integration as well.  In the end, the experiences provide direct contact with the deepest part of the inner Self and also to the macrocosm of which we all are a part.


my facilitator

My name is Kristen I’m my facilitator’s half-brother (we have the same dad), I’m 31 years old, and I do accounts payable for a construction company. Growing up, especially in my teen years I struggled a lot with depression and anxiety, especially social anxiety. A few times in my teens and early 20’s I contemplated suicide as I didn’t know how to deal with the emotions I experienced and stressful life events that came my way. My facilitator knew about my social anxiety & depression as we occasionally chatted on the phone or through text about life in the last 3 years and what he was doing in his life, and his plans for the future. I rarely seen my brother, usually we seen each other about once every 7-8years growing up and he often didn’t visit Windsor and I never went out West or to Costa Rica to visit him. We became closer and started talking more frequently when I began a page on Facebook 3 years ago called “The Power of Positivity” from there we started chatting more. At the time I was trying to focus on improving my life and how I dealt with school/work and my anxiety ect by posting positive quotes for people and for myself was the way I did this. After I was done school I decided to go out to Calgary, Alberta for 4 months as I had had a strong desire to go out there for many years prior. I also see it as a growth opportunity for myself as I had never lived away from my parents. When I returned I joined a meditation group, and from there I started a spiritual path and got very interested in the metaphysics. My brother and I began to have a lot more in common because we are both very interested in health and wellness and healing mind, body, spirit. During one of our discussions on the phone around this time last year, he told me about these ceremony’s he does. The psilocybin ceremony.  As the months went on, we had more discussions about it, I had a trip planned to see him in May with our Father. He told me he had done these ceremonies with a number of people already. He mentioned he thought it would be a good idea for me to do because I have struggled so much over the years with my anxiety. He mentioned there was research done on this stuff and that it helps people like me with anxiety and depression, and causes a significant decrease in both. I was a little skeptical, but I was curious about it. I felt like I had tried everything over the years, pharmaceuticals, individual counselling, group counselling. The counselling gave me tools to use to cope, the medications, well they either didn’t work at all, made me worse, or worked for a while then started doing the opposite effect. I knew I had to do something more, I knew I had to get to the root of my social anxiety, and the way my brother spoke about this ceremony gave me a hope I never had before. We had a handful of conversations about the topic.  He started sending me videos on people that had done psilocybin, cancer patients and patients that had mental illness like me. He also sent me an article to read one of the people he did a ceremony with, and we spoke about what the experience would be like. He even told me some stuff about his own experiences with psilocybin. Through our discussions, I began to have some fears, fears that I wouldn’t be able to handle the experience. My brother re-assured me that it would all be ok. One night he told me, make sure to write your fears down and we will discuss it in 5 days from now. The 5th day came and he spoke to me, I went through my list of fears and we discussed each and every one of them. After the conversation my anxiety went down from about 90% to about 45%. He also told me to journal how I felt after the conversation on each aspect so I could see the difference in my thoughts and anxiety about it all.  Around that time it was about a month before the vacation. I told him I wanted to do it. I flew out there on my own, our father was already with my facilitator. The plan was to do the ceremony on the third night of my vacation. my facilitator had everything set up prior. He was very organized with the planning process. my facilitator, our Father and drove up to his friend’s house on the second day, his friend had a temple for us to do the ceremony in. The plan we had was to do a sweat lodge that day, if weather permitting, but it began to rain so we had to change it to the next day, the day of the ceremony. The plan for the next day was the sweat lodge, then to have breakfast then do a fast before the ceremony. Right before the ceremony my facilitator pulled out a bag of psilocybin Sacred medicine, he had a scale to weigh them, and we had to pick out our Sacred medicine. After we did that, my facilitator instructed us to get dressed up in White. White symbolizing purification and renewal, as well as spirituality & setting intention. The clothing color choice gave a very sacred ceremonial feel. He took a couple hours that day setting up the room and making sure everything was just right, from the bed set up for Dad and I down to the detailed set up of the instruments, crystals, herbs and incenses and lighting in the room. Before we went down to the temple we went to the kitchen area which was outdoors and we were instructed to write our intention down on a piece of paper and burn it to send it into the universe. On my paper I wrote something along the lines of wanting to heal and get to the root of my trauma, something I failed to mention earlier, is that I was bullied back in grade 6-8 and that has always stuck with me. I believe it is the root of my social anxiety. So, it was time to eat our Sacred medicine. The Sacred medicine didn’t taste bad because we mixed them with a cocoa fudge. Right after eating them my facilitator walked us to the temple and we got into the beds and put the masks over our faces. These weren’t regular masks, you could open your eyes in them. After about 45 minutes, our dad started experiencing the effects of the psilocybin, however, I was experiencing barely anything at all, maybe a few voices here and there, and some small visual changes. I discussed with my brother before coming out to Costa Rica and while I was there that I only wanted to take 2.5 grams because the dose he recommended seemed high “3 grams”. During when I picked out the Sacred medicine he told me to pick out an extra half gram, just in case the 2.5 didn’t work. Of course it didn’t work, lol my brother is pretty good with his dosing. He gave me the extra half gram and what seemed like seconds after I started seeing and hearing things.  During the ceremony my brother played beautiful music and instruments I have never heard before, they really helped me get into my mind and helped accentuate the experience. The scents were also wonderful and at times he had to light certain incenses to calm me down and relax me when I was feeling emotional. Anytime I struggled during the experience out of fear or sadness or if I need my brother, he was always there and came to my side. The experience I had was like no other. The first half of the ceremony was challenging, I had to face the fears in my own mind, towards the end though I never felt so connected to everything and so peaceful, I was in a blissful state and felt connected to heaven and the angels. During the challenging part of the ceremony, there was a moment where I had to go to the bathroom, my brother brought me to the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror with the mask off I seen cuts on my face and looked soo ugly. It didn’t make sense to me until I got back to my bed, that this was how I seen myself day in and day out as an ugly person, a monster. Once I got back into bed there were people taunting me, Indians moving and shaking my bed and harassing me. I realized in that moment that I created these fears in my mind and that they weren’t real, that’s how my social anxiety was created, they were made up stories/ programing about how I seen the world.  This was the way I coped with my trauma, my bulling. I also realized during my experience how good of a brother my brother was to me, how he always takes care of me, the experience caused me to realize how much I took him for granted and made me appreciate him that much more. I noticed every little thing he did for me, I got emotionally in that moment. At one point I was soo deep into my experience my fears of being alone surfaced, I tried to call my brother but that was the one time he didn’t come, I realized after that the words of his name weren’t coming out of my mouth, and that’s why he didn’t come over. The experience was meant to show me that we are never alone, even when we feel alone we aren’t. There is someone always watching over us whether on earth or on the other side. I felt the presence of angels watching over me in that moment of aloneness. At one point I heard a train coming towards me, it was an instrument my facilitator was playing, I didn’t even realize until that moment that I had a fear of trains. I also experienced what felt like my bed being over water and a fear of fire, of being burned alive. There were spirits or passed people trying to communicate with me, and at one point they told me “you are the chosen one, you need to deliver the messages” I had no idea what this meant at the time. It made sense later though, as now I am beginning to tarot/oracle readings for people and reiki (energy healing) and with both I have received intuitive messages along with healing messages/insights. The last major experience I had was at one point I felt out of breath, a heaviness on my chest, my heart was pounding hard and I was drenched in sweat. I felt like my soul/spirit wanted to escape out of my physical body, but wasn’t quite able to. I felt a burning in my hands, I felt I was going to die. That was another one of my fears popping up, dying.. I cried and I cried, my facilitator came over to again help me and walk me through it, he really calmed me down in that moment. Again, like I mentioned before the ending was surreal, I felt so at peace and so connected to myself and my surroundings. All my senses felt heighted. I felt connected to what we know as “heaven”, “angels” etc.

After the experience my facilitator told our Father and I to write everything down in a journal so we wouldn’t forget, we did some journaling that night and the next day while it was still fresh in our minds and we shared our experiences with one another that night.

After the ceremony for the rest of the trip, everyday my facilitator helped to integrate the healing process, we continued to consume Vegan food, we did yoga and stretching every morning, we drank a half litre of water and had a healthy smoothie in the morning. We had a routine, him, my father and I. Also my facilitator and his fiancée Lori sat down with us one day to go over the experience and how we could continue to integrate what we learned during the trip  when we got home as well as going over any uncomfortable feelings and how to continue the healing process etc.

When I go home I continued to do my own micro dosing on the Sacred medicine. I started with 3 times a week but it was bringing up too much anxiety so I went down to about once a week. I did that for a while, but I found myself needing it less and less. As of right now I haven’t micro dosed in about 5-6 weeks. I am saving the last few capsuled for the winter months when I get seasonal depression. Since I have been back I’ve made quite drastic changes to my life. I had plans before Costa Rica to start a business doing Reiki, Aromatherapy and Tarot/Oracle Readings. Since I’ve been back I’ve made great strides towards the business and getting it going, I am now finalizing things and have begun to charge for the services I provide. Along with that I still work full-time, and after only 6 months of being at my current workplace I have been offered a promotion already to another position with better pay. I feel soo focused like never before and I am amazed at how much I can handle. I have never before been able to handle as much as I am doing now, until after the experience. Also I have reduced my intake of alcohol, and it wasn’t even intentional, I just don’t have a real desire to drink that much anymore. I used to have a few a week. Another change I notice in myself is that I seem to have eliminated my connection to abusive men. I really struggled with that over the years with getting involved with people that treated me poorly, especially men. I believe it had something to do with my bulling and low self-esteem. I was in 3 toxic connections in the last 2 years and when I returned to Costa Rica, I began making changes with regards to that, I eliminated the last guy I was still talking to out of my life and began a healthy relationship. I also feel more sure about my path and what I am doing now with the Accounting and Holistic Healing. Before I went to Costa Rica I was feeling very wishy washy about what direction to go in. Do I pursue accounting? Do I go back into Laboratory work? Do I do Holistic Healing? Honestly I could say that if I had to choose now there would only be one answer. I want to help people and take care of my mind, body and soul. Thank you Brother, you have changed my life.



My name is Ron LaGro, I’m now 63 and living in Nosara, Costa Rica. I’ve had multiple careers but all of them have centered on Design. I studied architecture, had been a general contractor for decades. I’m now a product designer and woodworker.

My facilitator is a close friend of mine and we met approximately 8 years ago.

I frequent his restaurant and recently he had noticed a growing resentment and frustrated attitude in me over a number of weeks and asked me to consider doing a Sacred medicine Flooding Session with him.  

His father had just visited him and had partaken in a “flooding” and he encouraged me to do so as well.  We continued checking in with each other for a month or two before finally arriving at a date that felt right for each of us.                                                                                                                                                         I am no stranger to Sacred medicine but had never consumed such a large amount in a shamanic or celebratory fashion… had always been purely recreational prior to this evening.

Once we set the date, my facilitator stayed in contact with me throughout the week to keep me at ease and to assuage any anxieties I may have, prior to our Friday evening Journey. He asked me to consider my intentions, to eat clean, avoid alcohol, and be respectful and receptive to any signals or intuitive thoughts that may arise.

Friday night:

The evening began with my facilitator arriving at my home 20 or 30 minutes prior in order to set up his Alter,  mostly musical instruments, his sound system, and setting the tone with sage smudging and burning of sacred incense and blessing my space. The fact that we were in my space, along with the soothing nature of my facilitator’s words and demeanor brought a level of comfort that I feel played a significant part in my overall experience and the relaxed nature of the entire experience.

We began, as I recall with a few words referring to the sacred nature of this journey, I inhaled a little “Hape” up the nose to awaken the pineal gland and make me more receptive.

Then came several minutes of circulatory breathing and moving me toward a relaxed, meditative state.

 I was given the 5 grams of Sacred medicine and instructed to lie down with my eyes closed and relax. My facilitator retreated to his incredible soundtrack and his Tibetan bowls, hang drum, etc. while I relaxed on my favorite sofa in my living room, awaiting the onset of this journey.

The effects came on as anticipated, 30 to 45 minutes after eating the Sacred medicine.

Music played a very significant part in my experience and I was sensitive to the slightest, faintest sound. A zipper, a thud, or click would immediately affect or enter into my virtual, visual environment.

Throughout the entire evening I felt fully conscious of my surroundings although my imaginings took me to places far beyond.

The entire experience was so profound and illuminating that it would take hours to express or explain.

I traveled back in time, although I didn’t really travel. I just was there, at the beginning of life on this planet as a living organism….I feel I actually experienced “evolution”…..and how plants, insects and birds cohabitated and were among the first living creatures to communicate with each other. I understood or witnessed first had how they communicated and the seductive, sensuous behavior of each in order to benefit themselves, which coincidently was beneficial to the other.

I was evolution!                                                                                                                                                                Not on the outside looking in, but the actual creature communicating, inviting or seducing others.

I understood how communication came to be….how a plant sends out sensual, seductive energy, chemicals, signals to the companion organism that will seek it out in order to pollinate it.                                           The symbiotic relationship which is essential in the recreation of life.                                                                 

Gently, the music would change or I would here a new gong or singing bowl or dusting of feathers, or the slightest thump or ding and would slip into another  realm….a millennia ago, I was also a chieftain or tribal leader, and traveler.

I felt connected with the “universal consciousness”….all the while completely aware of my lying on my back in my living room, if I cared to allow my thoughts to go that way. I preferred being guided rather than directing my visions, but felt I always had the option. I never navigated.

I lived as a nomad, a patriarch, a jester. I spoke in ancient tongues….not as a monologue, but in conversation with my family and friends… casual dialogue with I assume my past life family members….and it was incredibly hilarious.  I laughed hysterically and had a very funny family and group of comrads whom I traveled with.

I’m certain I laughed harder and longer in these few hours than I had in 2 or 3 decades combined.

I believe I was channeling many individuals past lives through me, or somehow reliving these events that they had experienced.

My facilitator stayed quiet, keeping his presence hidden from my consciousness, yet somehow he stayed tuned in to my journey and intuitively changed up the music, or brought a moment of silence to allow me to drift on to where I was to go next.  

Somewhere along the way, about midway in my journey I was surrounded by the energy of my two sons, and perhaps their mother, my ex-wife, but the focus quickly became on my younger son, whose energy field was strong and bright…..but as I looked around, my older son was not there. I looked around me and nowhere could I get a sense of my older son Nick…it was as if a gaping blackness filled the space where he should have been. I began to panic and literally pulled out of my trance-like state and called out to my facilitator for his help. “My facilitator, I can’t find Nick…..he needs my help! I have to call Nick, right now! He isn’t around anywhere……please, we need to stop this and call him…something is really wrong and he needs my help!” I was insistent and began to get emotional and sob. my facilitator must have stopped the music and all went quiet for a moment. I believe my facilitator did well to stay quiet, and by stopping the music and slowly switching to a different rhythm I was guided away from these dark thoughts. (Aside: this ceremony took place sometime in May, 2019. Months later, in fact just last month, August- 2019, I became aware that my older son Nick has a horrible addiction.  In hindsight, I am now convinced that my near panic during my journey, while in search of Nick’s energy, or sensing something amiss,  I was able to be directly connected with this “global consciousness” and it was warning me that Nick needed my help. At this time we are still trying to get Nick the help he needs to battle and win over this horrible addiction.)

I  also conversed in ancient languages with my family, fellow travelers and visitors.  I wish we had recorded it because I truly believe I was conversing in a language that could be understood….and my singing was such fun…..I’ve always wanted to sing but feel blocked and shy about letting my voice be heard in public. When I do try to sing in public a wave of emotion generally overcomes me and I will cry like a baby…but this was very clearing this evening and I sang from my heart and with all my body, strong and with all very positive elation. It was truly a wonderful and enlightening experience. In retrospect, I believe this journey also cleared and reopened my Chakras, starting from my Root Chakra, all the way to my Throat Chakra.

 I experienced that the origin of life on earth was entirely feminine energy…and the masculine was created by the feminine to satisfy her desire to proliferate and procreate.

I experienced the beginnings of communication as it began with micro organisms and into larger animals and birds. I was both prey and predator but not in a gruesome way… was an exchange of energy.

My journey was one of the most incredible, enlightening events of my life.

Eventually, my facilitator began to bring me back….. out of my journey / vision-quest / event….as I was coming out, I truly didn’t want to come out of it yet…I found myself still unable to shake off the ancient tribal language I had been chattering for what seemed hours…..and this seemed even more hilarious to me.  my facilitator would say something to me in English, and I responded with full comprehension in this ancient language. It cracked me up !

Eventually, I stumbled back into the English language and was able to share with my facilitator many of my experiences. Still, I was entirely conscious and aware of my immediate surroundings and never felt nauseous or ill, only awareness.

This is one event I will never forget and am fortunate enough to be able to play back some of the soundtracks and relive glimpses of this incredible experience every day.


Ron LaGro

When I decided to take Sacred medicine. Sacred medicine.

It was 2020.
49 years into my life

plants medicine 3 times , different ceremonies. And then the Sacred medicine. In a span of about 5 years.

I knew, I needed to talk to the Sacred medicine this time.
As with everything you have to be patient, you have to wait for its time and turn.

Before every ceremony, before every new plant medicine, even the ones I have met, I am In deep respect for its power, its wisdom, its teachings, its healing.

My wish was out there, and It let me to my facilitator as my guide.
“knowing” him since many years, I did not know much about him personally.
So thinking about a ceremony with him was new.
I felt the first time I talked about it with him, that he meant it, he is real about it.

I told him, that I trust him, because I can see that he went through life, and had his share of shit and experiences. He was living it. I saw in him, that he was looking for truth. Growing……, learning……, feeling more deeply , and being honest with yourself.
Finding inner peace.

So it was a yes.
And we sat down and talked. The first time we really sat down …….open,
everything on the table. We spoke about our life’s, our feelings, and what we want to change.

A week before the ceremony I started to think about my life. …… deeply. I took time to be with myself. To feel what I don’t want any more in my head.

One week I turned off all the news, all things from the outside. I went inside.

I was with Ram Das. With his Guru. Neem Karolin Baba. before.
He was what I was asking for, …. As spirit guide.
He put in words what I did not know how to ask.

He came to me, ….not knowing him

He made me trust …
I was giving the feeling of BEING LOVE.
I was going through all the thoughts and ideas of being unhappy, or needing to change something


I allowed myself to let everything come out.
I felt more of an energy, than a thought.
All the thoughts I had, came together into one energy. Wanting to be love
I walked the beach for hours, up and down with headphones. Deva Primal and Mitten and Manos.
They are a big part of it all.
Gayathri Mantra. From out of this world.

I asked all my spirit guides, my angels, , all my light workers to be with me.
To watch over me.
Did not like the idea of having bad trip.
But you can’t choose it. If you got some shit to work on, then that’s that. It’s not going to be fluffy. You’ve got to let go.

If you see something ugly or scary, give it love ! Make peace with your shadow side.
What I was asking for was …….BEING LOVE. I was shown pure love.

I was beaten with love.
I was bathed in love.
A big something had the whip out and beat me until i was soft. Beat me with love. Like a Turkish massage, ….. they beat you like a piece of meat.
Till your clean.

The night of the Trip …

We came together at about 1 pm.
My facilitator had his hands full of amazing instruments. A big table full of sound journey. Bringing his magic to my house.

We wants to make it a very special experience. He makes you feel comfortable.

He is responsible!
He is there all the way.
You know that he will have your back.

I read all about it on the internet the day’s before. The worst thing to do. Because everybody tells you a different story.
And you become all freaked out. So don’t do it. stay in your mind.

Be Love….


And so it went.
We sat and talked and picked the Sacred medicine.
In total I took 3.8 g of dried Sacred medicine. Which is a bigger first one, I guess.

My facilitator was on the music for 4 hours straight. Playing his instruments or his playlists. The music was amazing. Screeking sounds to challenge you , and harmonic melodies to Sooth you .

Breathing all the way through.
My facilitator made me breath……… deep…… at the beginning, and I kept breathing deep all the way through
….. 4 hours. ………. Breathing .


After 4 hours I took off my mask and sat down under the stars and said…. What the fuck was that……….!?

I was flooded with LOVE.
Hahaha…. And that was the Sacred medicine.
A friend for life.
It put a bubble around my brain. My thoughts where contained.
I don’t wonder out into the past or future. Looking for anything I don’t even know what it is. I am more appreciative of the now.
This is it.
Happier. Lighter.
Much more HERE and NOW.

So it’s a trip you must take. I say.

I did not see visuals, I was with myself. under a dark mask. Lying on a bed, for 4 hours.
The spirits are with you, and you know it.
There is nothing to worry about.

You can let go. ……! Trust yourself.

I am deeply thankful to my facilitator. Holding space for others is a very honorable thing to do . And he did with all his heart. Thank you Mike.