Exclusive Transformational Experiences

Intimate, personalized, dynamic, deep. Transformational experiences that transcend within the mystical jungle of Nosara, Costa Rica.

In order to transform something, we must first acknowledge and understand its nature. This means that to make a profound change in our lives or transform an aspect of our being, we must understand the building blocks and foundation upon which that change must occur.

What are our habits? What is serving us and what is not? What does our lifestyle look like? What does it sound like? What is at its core? When we bring these things to our awareness, we come to clarity on the most efficient way to invite transformation and allow alchemy. With this clarity, we are able to take coherent, confident steps in the direction we choose. This is why at the Sacred Playground we want to create your retreat with you and for you and customize it in the way that can best serve you. We can achieve this by consciously adapting to your current situation in order to create true synergy between the retreat and your daily life and surrounding. We want you to leave the Playground feeling empowered and clear on how to integrate the experience seamlessly.

We offer different modalities that you can choose from and guidance as to which can best align with your needs and vision. Co-creation is at the center of the experiences we offer.

We depply value and believe in the treasure of intimacy. The private/semi-private experiences allow for more time and space for deeper connection and grace to allow inner silence to flourish. Our mission is to create an atmosphere in which you feel safe, heard, and free and ultimately, a space which mirrors the healer and wisdom in you.

At whichever point along the spiraling path of conscious evolution you find yourself, we want to meet you there and walk with you. Whether you are completely new to the modalities we offer or are well familiarized, we want to be a part of your next creative step of growth and expansion.

For information about Transformational Experiences please contact us at thesacredplayground11@gmail.com