Transformational Experiences

Ceremony Experience

An intimate way to experience yourself at a higher level of consciousness through the work with the divine sacred  ceremony. Designed to take you deep into self exploration and new levels of understanding and connection. Guided by elemental instruments, music, sounds and scents, you will be held in a safe nurturing environment. An overnight ceremony allows you to relax into the journey and feel comfortable and vulnerable as you explore your inner landscape and work through spiritual advancement, traumas, inner child work or whatever needs to come through to help you in your expansion. In this one on one environment we have the ability to take the time and care needed to guide in a very unique way unlike any other ceremony.

Included is a  lengthy consultation to open up the conversation and get familiar with the facilitator to allow for deeper connection and understanding of what is needed to be worked on and looked at. Also allowing for next day integration and processing for a complete experience that allows your healing process to take place completely.

We provide everything you need for your experience including accommodations for your overnight stay and a farm fresh nutritional breakfast for the next morning.
Longer stays and after care available as well as more intensive retreats and multiple experiences when needed.